5 Must-Have Options For Wedding Band Shopping

If you look at the outfits I put on everyday, it is not hard to imagine that I tend to go for things, which are minimalist yet, classy.

This applies to my wedding as well, which is happening in a few weeks time!

What is one important task to settle? Our wedding bands! The top of the mind brand for both James and I was Goldheart because of the huge selection they have (but all categorized beautifully for different types of couples), and their rich experience in wedding jewellery. This definitely makes wedding bands shopping less complicated. ;)

Option 1 – The Signature Star Diamond

We have long heard of the highly raved Celestial series from friends around us that have entered their next phase of married life before us. Hence, we have decided to check them out ourselves!

Don't you feel that humans are just like stars?

The couple shines the brightest when their thoughts align.

Similarly for stars, they form one of the brightest constellations when they are aligned. This forms the basis of their premium collection known as the new Celestial Orion Collection.

Let me share with you some of their exquisite selection of engagement rings, eternity rings & wedding bands before revealing our pick! :D
This premium collection is a tribute to the modern minimalist culture, exactly how I would like my marriage to embody.

Simple & elegant as it is, there are two distinct features to the Celestial Orion collection; The Celestial Diamond (the world's first 73-faceted starburst diamond) and the unique eight-point star motif. Using the blue diamond scope, I viewed the Celestial diamond and my eyes were greeted with the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on earth: a spectacular eight pointed starburst pattern amidst those glitters.

Coupled with that golden 8-pointed star motif, it was simply our dream choice.

For Goldheart, the design doesn't just stop on the exterior of the ring. Like the icing to a cake, there is a Pure Blue Sapphire on the inner side of the band, which symbolizes purity, and fidelity for all their wedding bands - this represents true blue love the couple has for each other.

Initially, we thought having a blue sapphire on the inside as a design looks cute but the reason behind the sapphire stone caught us off guard.
Option 2: The Modern Chic

Don't leave just yet because the Celestial range is not the only pretty range that caught our eyes that day.

If you belong to the more edgy kind, the Felicite Collection would fit you and your spouse just fine with their stylish designs.

Just look at the wide variety. I could spend all day trying on every single one of them!

Look at the detailing and how Goldheart play with the various gold e.g. rose, white and black gold on their rings here.

Option 3: The Favourite Classic

Another range that I was considering very seriously was the Intimo range because of its classy and timeless designs, which are perfect for everyday wear!

Truth to be told, Intimo was our first choice because I wanted to match the ring with my solitaire (my proposal ring). Intimo wedding bands also comes with a Pure Blue Sapphire in the inner side of the band. We lean towards the Celestial Orion range because James was so intrigued with the eight-pointed star motif.

Option 4: The Divine Platinum

If you fancy having even more premium materials on your love band, you can consider the Le Pure Platinum collection.

To me, this collection signifies STRENGTH as we all know how sturdy platinum is and in fact, it is one of earth's rarest metals. Simply put, finding a soulmate is as rare as finding platinum.

Fun fact: Do you know that platinum is approximately 60 times harder to find than gold?

Option 5: The Whimsical Beauty

I have to admit that I am not a girl who chases after fairytales. But even for me, it was love at first sight with their Enchantine collection. I have a soft spot for whimsical designs so I think I will probably come back for a ring from this collection after the wedding.

This is the part where I wish I had more than 10 fingers to fit on all these lovelies.

It is so hard not be enchanted by the fine detailing, don't you think so?

Now, what are some of the considerations that we have when we made our final choice?

- Design
- Weight
- Feel
- The meaning behind each collection

As you have read from above, there is no lack of collections in Goldheart. Their different ranges cater to different type of couples. It is just a matter of picking the range that epitomizes you guys the most!

For people who are getting married just like me, I hope that my experience has helped you somehow :)
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Maybelline Sim, Resident Blogger of My Fat Pocket, one of Singapore’s leading websites for women.
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