6 easy tips for an Insta-perfect wedding

Here’s how to pull off picture-perfect nuptials in the age of social media
In this age of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Live, everyone’s a photographer. It’s no longer enough to plan a fun and meaningful celebration of your love — we now consider the aesthetics of that Big Day to ensure that the official hashtag feed of the wedding is filled with gorgeous pictures and, yes, fabulous Boomerang videos too.

Tip 1: Pick a photogenic venue

There’s nothing like a picturesque landscape to get those photographic juices running. Even if you aren’t throwing an overseas wedding in a charming chateau in France or on a cliffside villa in Bali, there are scenic places here that will serve as beautiful backdrops for your wedding pictures. Venues like the Botanic Gardens and Sentosa offer natural tropical settings, while a black-and-white colonial house like Alkaff Mansion lends an evocative (and very Singaporean) feel.

Mdm Lim was initially opposed to her son having her wedding at Burkill Hall at the Botanic Gardens, but was won over by the beauty of the space. “I was a bit worried about whether the older guests would mind being outdoors in the heat, and also whether there would be mosquitos, but the weather turned out to be quite cool once the sun had set, and having all that greenery around was just magical. You can’t get that experience in a hotel ballroom,” said Lim.
Tip 2: Keep in mind what works for social media
Tip 2: Keep in mind what works for social media
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A well-designed photo booth backdrop (you could even dress up a cool-looking wall) is all you need to get your guests excited about posting their pictures on their social media platforms. Most hipster hotels and restaurants now feature white brick walls and vertical gardens, but if you’re looking for something funkier, a fun photo-wall or a pretty floral arch against a plain-coloured wall is all that’s needed for guests to get snap-happy. Oh, and props. Guests love props for those Boomerang. If you really want something special, consider replacing the photo booth with a slow motion video booth. You’ll need a videographer who knows what he’s doing, but a slo-mo compilation (check out the video above) of you, your family and friends celebrating your big day is worth the extra effort. Check out more photo booth inspiration here.

Tip 3: Wear eye-catching jewellery

One sure-fire way for you, the gorgeous bride, to get a dramatic portrait shot is to accessorise with head-turning jewellery. Goldheart’s wearable Si Dian Jin, part of its MODE Gold 916 collection, features the leading wedding jeweller’s signature 916 champagne-hued gold in ultra-chic European designs. The MODE Gold Oasis collection, for example, features textural weave and chunky bold bracelets inspired by nature, perfect for making a dramatic entrance. Best of all, this is modern Si Dian Jin for the modern bride — stylish, versatile jewellery you can wear even after your special day, no matter the occasion. Make sure the hubs points his mother in the right direction of Goldheart when she asks.

Tip 4: Splurge on fresh blooms
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“Personally, I love flowers! So I’d say that any wedding styled with an abundance of fresh flowers will look stunning in any picture,” says social media influencer and photographer Melissa Celestine Koh. If you’re looking for more unusual arrangements and colour themes, check out the growing group of indie florists here that are offering a fresh take on wedding florals, like Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier, The Bloom Room, Charlotte Puxley Flowers and Triceratops. Most have beautiful Instagram feeds that you can scour in search of flora-spiration too.

Tip 5: Say it with a flatlay
Instead of writing their well wishes in a guest book, encourage your guests to unleash their creativity with a wedding-themed flatlay table. Decorate it with pretty props like fresh flowers, colourful trinkets and confetti, and provide a chalkboard for them to write their personal heartfelt message to the bride and groom and hashtag their flatlay pictures. You can also throw in a photo printer for them to print out their photos instantly and hang them up on a photo wall as part of the pre-dinner festivities.

Tip 6: Opt for an unusual theme
A unique wedding theme not only means more fun for the guests, but also wedding pictures with a unique perspective thanks to fab set-ups and get-ups. Vintage and retro themes, like Old Shanghai or a Singapore heritage theme, are beloved by the young and old, says Chelsea Low, junior wedding planner at The Wedding Entourage. Think quirky interactive elements like an ice-kacang push cart, and encourage guests to dress up according to the theme in your wedding invitation.

Pay tribute to your heritage in a way that will be meaningful not just to your family, but also to you. Goldheart’s range of wearable Si Dian Jin in 916 gold is jewellery you can wear even after your special day, no matter the occasion. Get your groom to send mum-in-law in the right direction towards Goldheart when she next checks in.
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