The New 916 Si Dian Jin The New 916 Si Dian Jin

Is Si Dian Jin (四点金) still important

Nowadays, a lot of youngsters would conveniently make do without all the traditions. The bottom line is as long as you are happy, that is all that matters right?
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5 Must-have Options For Wedding Band Shopping

If you look at the outfits I put on everyday, it is not hard to imagine that I tend to go for things, which are minimalist yet, classy.
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Wedding Costs & Expenses – How to Create a Budget

It’s common knowledge that getting married in Singapore can be an expensive affair. Typically, couples are likely to spend within a range of $30,000 to $100,000 on this once-in-a-lifetime event, depending on how lavish they want their wedding to be.
While increasingly, more and more couples are keeping to a simpler wedding in order to keep their expenses in check, there can be times where there are social expectations to fulfil and they will have to accede to an increased budget.
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8 Modern Wedding Venues Your Parents Will Approve Of

Want to avoid the typical hotel ballroom wedding but worried what the folks might say? We’ve got you covered.
Your wedding is your special day, so you and your intended should get to choose how it should all go from start to finish, right? Well, yes. But weddings, like life, involve much more than your heart’s desires. They involve logistics, plenty of moolah, and parents and in-laws too. Throw all those elements together and you’re likely to end up with a sizeable challenge.
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What To Call Your In-Laws: A Cheat Sheet

The ultimate guide to mastering the correct Mandarin and dialect "names" during the tea ceremony
Some traditions can be updated — and can be done so elegantly. Such as upgrading wedding palanquins to practical sedans; moving from cookie-cutter Chinese restaurants to exotic wedding venues that everybody will remember for a long time to come.
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How to plan a modern wedding with a traditional twist

Yes, it's possible to have a hip and off-the-beaten-track wedding — and still get your parents' and in-laws' stamp of approval.
Every young couple's idea of their dream wedding is bound to cause a few raised eyebrows from the older generation in the family. Particularly when the bride and groom's parents are expecting the traditional hotel Chinese banquet and the bridal couple prefers an intimate gathering at a hip restaurant.
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Breaking Down Traditions

Following Chinese wedding customs doesn't mean being old-fashioned - here's how the modern bride can uphold cultural heritage while keeping with the times
A couture gown in the most elegant shade of antique white. Romantic decorations in ivory hues. A five-tier cake adorned with pure-as-snow fondant flowers. You might have envisioned a fairy-tale White Wedding, but if you are of Chinese descent or marrying into a Chinese family, chances are your big day is going to be a more colourful affair than that.
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6 easy tips for an Insta-perfect wedding

Here's how to pull off picture-perfect nuptials in the age of social media
In this age of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Live, everyone's a photographer. It's no longer enough to plan a fun and meaningful celebration of your love - we now consider the aesthetics of that Big Day to ensure that the official hashtag feed of the wedding is filled with gorgeous pictures and, yes, fabulous Boomerang videos too.
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